Hey You

by Electroflesh



A song about leaving home & why


Hey You
What you waiting for?
The bus went bye a long time ago.

Didn't you see me waving at the back?
I've got your picture & you have my thanks.

It's still such a long way to go,
To hear, how are you?
& my story to be told
& I will whisper it & you'll have to listen
Then one day you'll understand my decision

I had to go, I had to leave,
I'd rather climb than pull down the trees
I have to stand, to be a man
& with that breath show an even hand

Hey You
It was such a difficult thing to do
Hey You

Hey You,
Why the long face?
We all have to search for our place
In a world that won't stand still
If you don't move then you end up road kill
That's my word, that's my take,
I tried to give & that's no mistake,
But there comes a time when all that giving pays off
& you must receive all the things you thought lost.


Hey You,
It's so true,
What is essential you can't always view,
But you can touch & you can feel,
& if you're brave risk being real.


released July 5, 2015
written by Sanj Hayre

vocals & all guitars Sanj Hayre

drums Pete Turtle

recorded & mastered at Bonafide by Brian Bogdanovic



all rights reserved


Electroflesh UK

Anglo-asian rock/pop with a twist of lemon

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