Shelter (ed)

by Electroflesh



Musical collaboration with Kevin Turrell


She's a pretty girl with a six string case in the park where the other kids race
Picking tunes with a summer form all the time waiting for the storm

A drop of rain, a cold wind blows, thunder & lightning & away we go

Under sky as grey as stone playing her fingers down to the bone
Singing about indiscretions passed, her fingers blur they move so fast

A drop of rain, a cold wind blows, thunder & lightning & anything goes

Shelter (ed) under darkened clouds her magical domain it is
Shelter (ed) under darkened skies with thunder & sustained it is
Shelter (ed) under darkened clouds & waiting for his rain

She's not singing of great regret, she's not trying to forget
When the rain reaches down to skin, her face will wear the biggest grin

(Bridge & Chorus)

She is waiting for the rain, she is waiting to ease his pain
She is waiting for his rain on her skin


released July 20, 2014
all vocals & guitars Sanj Hayre

music written & composed by Sanj Hayre

lyrics Kevin Turrell/ Sanj Hayre

drums Brian Bogdanovic

recorded at Bonafide, UK



all rights reserved


Electroflesh UK

Anglo-asian rock/pop with a twist of lemon

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