Without Man

by Electroflesh



written & composed by Sanj Hayre


All the things that went on & you could never tell me
All the things that went on & you could never find the words
All the things that went on that hurt you so ever deeply
All the things that went on when you were just a little child

Without Man
the devil is lonely
Without Man
the devil would cry
Peace, love & happiness, from above
My god's a hippy

Heaven sends an angel for every of your little nightmares
Heaven wont ever turn its back on you
Yours is a light that burns bright whenever its needed
Yours is a life that precious above all else


If they hurt you now, tell someone, you're not wrong, they prey upon,
your innocence, your silence, find the words, talk through the hurt,
You have the strength to carry yourself,
You'll find your friends & your mental health,
Put in the past what hurt you once
Cant hurt you again, you're with a friend,
You have the strength to go on.....



released January 11, 2012
all vocals & guitars Sanj Hayre

percussion Pete Turtle

recorded at Turtle Studios

MIxed & Mastered by Brian Bogdanovic at Bonafide



all rights reserved


Electroflesh UK

Anglo-asian rock/pop with a twist of lemon

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