Methadone Kiss (with attitude)

by Electroflesh



written & composed by Sanj Hayre

from the album 121


Hey do you remember me?
We met, you see, under Marc Bolan's tree
September 16 no fun for me
& yesterday was the end of John's dream

In a bad romance we take a chance like any fool
In a bad romance love at first glance with attitude
So you went away feeling my pain what can I do?
I tried & failed, I stand derailed, with attitude,
In a bad romance, with attitude

So when I think of you, I think again,
That kind of love, is bad for my brain,
Where are you now, who cares, I want a life,
You can keep your gifts & your fingers out of my side


Every time I hear your voice I know what to say
The times were good, the times were bad, the times were insane,
Now I'm on my own is this really how it feels
To reject all the love I had to beg, borrow & steal

That Chelsea Hotel bedroom's a mess,
A bloody knife, a battered face, a torn wedding dress,
Your dealer ran off with your wedding gifts,
A smoking cigarette stub, A methadone kiss


In a bad romance, with attitude


released January 1, 2012
all vocals & guitars Sanj Hayre

percussion Pete Turtle

recorded at Turtle Studios

mixed & mastered by Brian Bogdanovic at Bonafide



all rights reserved


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Anglo-asian rock/pop with a twist of lemon

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