by Electroflesh



debut ep/ album released in 1997

all songs written & composed by Sanj Hayre

recorded & mixed at Substate, London

Remastered by applebeam


released January 1, 1997

all vocals & guitars Sanj Hayre



all rights reserved


Electroflesh UK

Anglo-asian rock/pop with a twist of lemon

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Track Name: Out of Touch
There once was a man who lived on whisky & dreams
He looked up to reject all he had seen
Shuffled his papers & spat at the world
Realised his future hung in words...

We are, so out of touch
we are born out of touch

I can't quite forget its just a failing of mine
Pride is oblivion but mine is a crime

He once was immortal but what he has seen
Left him vulnerable & twice as obscene
As an artist ejaculating colors but no art
All that he lived for tore him apart

He was, so out of touch
We are born out of touch
I cant quite forget its just a failing of mine
Pride is oblivion but mine is a crime
I wont be used by any body at all
You'll find out deep down its worth more than you ever thought

So I say welcome to your high polluted nightmare
The air you breathe is filtered clean in Edge Wear
It's computer-generated, honey-soft & will be there
To hold your hand take you to the future

People say he's mystic
Others say he spies
I say he's left it
Too late to get out in time

You see the planet's like a spaceship
You guided to the heart of the Sun
It might look pleasant from a distance but not when your melting down

Track Name: Thinking of Me
You're only fucking with him because you cant have me
Don't be fooling yourself that its bothering me
From the width of your smile it's plain to see
Though you're fucking with him you are thinking of me

I'm just a face from your past
Though it can never last
I often think of you
Unfinished business that true
I say I owe you big time
but don't be thinking that's nice
fond memories of me
Yeah, if you love The Scream

So you wanna be friends
To the bitter end
So polite & civilised
Well on the surface that is fine


I hear you're living with him
I hope it wont be boring
But just in case that it is
Let me assure you I won't ring

We make our choices here's mine
I'm glad I got out alive
Please don't be thinking that's nice
I still owe you big time


(to end)
Track Name: We Collide
I like your hair,
I watch you slide
Come over here I'll let you drive

This time of night, breed satellites
My heart is empty cant control my life

It felt so good, it felt so right
when were alone & we collide

It was never a game
Never feel the same
Some people come & go like rain

Yes that's what I am
Mister Never give a damn
But I've given more than you would understand


I'm not promising, I'll be your friend
But with all the pills you made me swallow
I might pretend
But don't coming running to me
My heart is empty
That man you used to know
Well he just ain't me

So what is it now,
You filled with doubt
Should of thought of that when you said get out
So I leave it to you
To make the rules

You say walk away
I say had you


We collide
Read my mind
Track Name: Wink of an Eye
In the wink of an eye, watch you go by
Crocodile smile & advertisement eyes
PR Queen ad-mans dream
You stay on the scene ask me to leave

Face the truth
You'll never retain your youth
The silicone won't make you age
Every year bar in your cage

In the wink of an eye
Your yesterdays smile
Heroin look today's style
An emaciated death
Emphasized you cant forget
Modelling childrenwear
Well who the fuck cares

Face the truth
Where money's concerned
We don't care who we use
The message I send is geared to shock
Care what you act like
Don't be what you're not

With a wink of an eye
It's all a lie
Steve McQueen never died
Yes he drives a Ford
But not a Mustang anymore
In a world that always begs for more

Face the truth
You can't always be aloof
Conservatism is such a waste
But its better than the ignorance you rub in my face
Track Name: Mantra
Come & see what you're doing to me
Come & see that we still disagree
I musn't hide whats on my mind
I musn't hide whats on the rise

Come & see what she's doing to me
Come & see that I'm still ill at ease
I must not whats on my mind
I must not hide whats on the rise

Come & see what you're doing to me
Come & see that I'm still ill at ease
You mustn't hide whats on your mind
You mustn't hide whats on the rise

Come & see our brand new entity
Come & see little fingers pointed at me
You could not live eternally
You lived in hope of certainty